International conference titled ’Next to each other – Against each other’: Czech, Slovak and Hungarian nationalisms during the First World War is held in Miskolc, on 15 April 2015, organized by the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Arts, Institute for Political Sciences; Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Center for the Humanities, Institute of History; Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Miskolc Regional Committee, History and Social Science Committee.

Exactly one hundred years ago in 1915, the Great War entered its second year. This period brought the realization that speedy victories were unrealistic forcing all those involved to consider new strategies. The purpose of this international conference is to further scholarly debates on the subject of nationalism among three neighbouring nations of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – Czech, Slovak and Hungarian – by looking at the experiences of the war from their respective positions. Since the 19th century brought fundamental changes in national reawakening among Central European nations, specialists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will embark upon comparative analyses of these processes.

The conference is part of the work of a project of the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund „East-Central European Nationalisms During the First World War. The Political and Territorial Programmes of the Nation-State Disintegration of the Habsburg Monarchy”.

The program can be read here: