The primary task of the research team is to pursue fundamental research on medieval Hungarian history. The most important elements of the programme are: (1) the continued development of an archontological database designed to further the inclusive study of secular dignitaries in the medieval Hungarian Kingdom by organizing and making easily available information that is indispensable to the study of governmental, political and social history; (2) editing source publications (the members of the research team issue sources that have not yet been published but which they have found in the course of their earlier and current research); (3) continuing the project entitled Historical Geography of Hungary in the Árpád Age, started by the late academician György Gyõrffy, which outlines the history of every Hungarian settlement mentioned in the written documents that survive from the 9th century to the mid-1330s. The work of this research team also extends to the study of topics from medieval history that have been undeservedly neglected in recent years or decades or never became popular fields of study, in spite of the fact that they are essential to our knowledge of the Middle Ages in Hungary. These topics include economic history, the history of the Anjou Age and the history of Slavonia.