Our research on the 19th century focuses on the publication of the correspondence of one of the most significant Hungarian personalities of the period, Count István Széchenyi, as well as the letters and other personal documents of the scholarly bishop, Arnold Ipolyi. The proceedings of the Common Ministerial Councils of the Austro–Hungarian Monarchy are also being published (in a joint project with Austrian historians), along with the exploration of bankruptcy trials under the Monarchy. We also are planning a multidisciplinary analysis of the evolution of Hungarian nationalism, as seen through the sciences and creative arts, involving almost all the institutes of the HAS RCH. In addition to these activities, members of the team are also pursuing research on the history of the Balkans in the 19-20th centuries, Hungarian right-wing extremism, the history of everyday life during the period of the Monarchy, and rural urbanization in the 19–20th centuries.