The Research Assistance Team consists of four sections: publication management, website editorial, regional review section and the library of the institute. The activities of the publication management section are focused on pre-press preparation of periodicals and books published by the institute, preparation of tenders and writing applications, and distribution of our own publications. Associates of the section also compile material for the website, write summaries and take photographs of the lectures given at the institute, author articles about our own publications, and write current events updates. The person responsible for operations regarding website technology and content is a fellow worker of the website section. The task of the staff of the regional review section is to browse and review publications and articles released in “neighbouring” countries (Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, and also Germany) in connection with Hungarian history. They provide bibliographical data, but also offer responses to new publications and generate discussions on topics of international relevance, giving expression to views on issues of current interest in cooperation with members of other research teams of the institute. The results of this work are also included on the institute’s website. The library of the institute functions as a professional library of history within the framework of the Research Centre for the Humanities.