T szle 2017 3 B1STUDIES
Ádám Bollók–János B. Szabó: How Did the Hypothesis on the Khazar Origin of the Information Preserved in Chapter 38 of De administrando imperio Disappear from Hungarian Historiography. A Historiographical Case Study 347
Andor László: Why István Illésházy Joined István Bocskai (1605) 379
Árpád Tóth: ’Aping’ or adaptation? The Pest voluntary societies of early 19th century as followers of Western patterns 399

Tamás Pálosfalvi: How Long Did the Siege of Belgrade Last in 1440?
Refl ections on an „extremely obscure” event 417

László Bernát Veszprémy: An Old-fashioned Jesuit anti-Judaist. Béla Bangha SJ in the Labyrinth of the Jewish Question 439
Gusztáv Kecskés D.: Relations between the Offi ce of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Kádár Administration during the Hungarian Refugee Crisis of 1956 463

Tibor Martí: Unpublished Charters from the legacy of Beatrice of Naples 491