Boglárka Weisz: Who Was the First Treasurer? The History of the Treasurer’s Office in the 14th-Century    527
Veronika Tóth-Barbalics: The Presidents and Vice-presidents of the Upper House during the Dual Monarchy (1867–1918)    541
Barna Ábrahám: Slovak Press and Government Press Policy in the Years of the Great War    565
Zsuzsanna Varga: Land Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe after World War II    583

Dániel Bácsatyai: Legal Education, Historiography and Chancellery in 14th-Century Hungary    607
András Vadas: Questions of the Terminology and Meaning of the Term locus molendini in the Middle Ages    619
Orsolya Manhercz: Re-acting the Trauma of 1848‒1849 during the Imperial Visit of 1852    649

OEUVRE    671