VT 2015 4 borito 1Researching the Empire in Russia (Zoltán Sz. Bíró)    503

Gábor Gyóni: Russia as Empire: Territorial Expansion and Population of the Russian Empire    505
Zoltán Sz. Bíró: Being “Alien” in the Russian Empire: The Legal and Social Status of “Eastern” and “Western” Ethnic Groups    521
Ekaterina Pravilova: The Role of Internal Colonization in the Bureaucratic System of the Russian Empire    553
András Deák: Under the Sign of Inertia: Economic Modernization and Orientation Change in the Post-Soviet Space    575
Márta Font: Andreas the First and Yaroslav the Wise    607
Endre Sashalmi: The Coronation Medal as a Vehicle of Legitimation: Iconographic Analysis of the Coronation Medals of Four Empresses, Catherine I, Anne, Elisabeth and Catherine II    625

Alexandr Stykalin: The 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the Soviet–Yugoslav Relations: Reflections on a New Documentary Book    645

Book Reviews
From the Human Body to the Clockwork: Metaphors of State, and State-building (György Képes)    667
Atatürk and the New Turkey in the Nazi Imagination (Péter Pál Kránitz)    672
The French-speaking European Countries and Hungary at the Beginnings of the Cold War (Gusztáv D. Kecskés)