STUDIESTSZ 2016 1 borito 1 kicsi

Péter Erdő: The Canonization Process of Saint Elisabeth and Contemporary Canon Law 1
László Szabolcs Gulyás: The Customary Law of Real Estate Trade in Market Towns in the 14th to 16th Centuries. The Case of Zemplén County and its Region 23
Tamás Goreczky: Pan-Slavism in Russia in the 1880s in the Reports of István Burián, Austro-Hungarian Consul General in Moscow 63
Gusztáv D. Kecskés: The Swiss Reception of Hungarian Refugees in 1956 85

David Papajík: Solving the Problem of Establishing the Cause of Death of Hungarian and Czech King Ladislav V 115
Ovidiu Ghitta: The Lessons of an Extraordinary Conscription. The Census Record of Şimon, Greek-Catholic Priest of Tomány, from 1773 127
József Pap: The Voters of Eger in the Middle of the 19th Century 149
Tibor Dömötörfi : German Ethnic and Racial Politics in Hungary during World War II 165