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Pál Fodor–Szabolcs Varga: Miklós Zrínyi and Süleyman’s Death 181
Ákos Bartha: The Political Socialization of Endre Bajcsy-Zsilinszky and his Ideological Portrait prior to 1919 203

Tibor Szőcs: Whose Man? The Relationship between the Judge Royal and Vice-Judge Royal in the Second Part of the 13th Century 245
Bálint Lakatos: György Dózsa, Jean Hannart and the „Cegléd Manifesto”. Three New Sources on the Events of the 1514 Hungarian Peasant War 277
Krisztián Bodnár: „…Who Will Be Constrained by the Burden of Responsibility, Your Respectable Lordship Certainly Knows Well”. Lajos Kossuth
and the Collective Resignation of the Sátoraljaújhely Cholera Committee in 1831 303

Gusztáv D. Kecskés: A Confi dential Report about the Weakening Rival: NATO Experts on the Transforming Soviet Bloc (November 1989) 315

Gábor Kármán: Pax and pacifi catio. An Attempt to Clarify Terminology for a Better Understanding of the Relationship between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Principality of Transylvania 341