vt2016 1The Birth of a Saint: Saint Martin of Tours 1700 (Marianne Sághy) 1

Marianne Sághy: The Life of Saint Martin by Sulpicius Severus: Context, Models, Historiography 3
Jacques Fontaine: Antique and Christian Values in the Spirituality of Great Western Landowners in the Late Fourth Century 37
Sylvie Labarre: Saint Martin and Monasticism in the Prosaic and Lyric Versions of the Life of Saint Martin 69
Veronika Wieser: The Chronicle of Sulpicius Severus and the Eschatological Expectations of the Late Fourth Century 87
Allan Scott McKinley: The First Two Centuries of Saint Martin of Tours 119
Bruno Judic: Pilgrimages to Tours in the Seventh to Tenth Centuries 147

Book Reviews
Medieval Hungarians through Western Eyes (Veronika Novák) 171
Sources Related to Medieval Hungary in North-Italian Libraries
and Archives (Krisztina Arany) 175