vt2016 2 borito emailFriars and Missionaries in South America (Tibor Martí) 179

István Szászdi León-Borja: God’s First Words in the New World: Millenarianism, Heresy and Orthodoxy in the Isle of La Española in 1493 183
Constanza López Lamerain: The Third Council of Lima and the Unifi ed Evangelistic Norms in the Ecclesiastical Province of Peru 211
Loránd Zajta: The Missionary and Scientifi c Activity of Károly Brentán on the Territory of the Viceroyalty of Peru 229
Dóra Babarczi: Hungarian Jesuits in Paraguay: The Letters of Ferenc Limp, SJ from the Years 1752–1753 259
Pedro Miguel Omar Svriz Wucherer: The Rebellion of Arecaya: Armed Guaraní at the Frontier 277
Ludolf Pelizaeus: The Narrative Construct of “Uncolonized Land” and Its Contribution to the Conquest of Chile from the Outset of the 16th Century 297

Book Reviews
Hungarian Jesuits in Brazil, 1753–1760 (Ágnes Menyhárt) 319
The Túpac Amaru Rebellion (Brigitta Kinga Schvéd) 323
On Mission in Chile, 1956–1975 (Mátyás Gábor Varga) 328