STUDIEStsz2016 3

János B. Szabó: The Structure of Power of the Hungarians in the 9th and 10th Centuries in the Mirror of Historical Analogies from the Steppe 355
Béla Vilmos Mihalik: The Holy See and the Idea of a Hungarian Electorate in the Late 17th Century 383
Ferenc Tóth: The Thoughts of an Enlightened Ruler before the Enlightenment. The Political Testament of Duke Charles of Lorraine, a Forgotten Source of Hungarian History 409
Balázs Ablonczy: On the Tumbleweed. The Paris Years of Tibor Baráth (1930–1939) 429
Gergely Krisztián Horváth: Ateliers, Careers, Methods. New Perspectives for the Study of Village Researchers in the Interwar Period 451

László Pósán: The Changing Image of the Teutonic Order in Hungary during the Reign of Andrew II 465
Balázs Sudár: The Battle of Zsarnóca (1664) – through Ottoman Eyes 475

From the Oeuvre of Zsigmond Jakó (Edited by: Klára Jakó) 483

Szigetvár, 1566. Conference Report (Gábor Kármán) 493