vt2016 2 borito email1956 as Refugee Crisis: New Perspectives (Stefano Bottoni) 331

James P. Niessen: The Culture of Welcome and the January, 1957 Austrian Refugee Quota Proposal 337
Gusztáv D. Kecskés: The NATO and the 1956 Hungarian Refugees 357
András Nagy: The Special Committee on the Problem of Hungary, 1957–1958: Bang-Jensen’s Struggle with Eastern Spies and Western Bureaucrats 373
Nóra Deák: Operation Mercy: The (Not Impossible) Hungarian Refugee Resettlement Mission in the United States 397
Tiphaine Robert: The Return of 1956 Hungarian Refugees from Switzerland: Reasons and Interpretations of Returning Home in Propaganda Warfare 413
Attila Kovács: Yugoslavia and the 1956 Hungarian Refugee Crisis 433
András Lénárt: The Process of Growing up and Integration of the 1956 Emigrant Students into the Austrian Society 451
Balázs Balogh: The Social Integration of the Refugees of the 1956 Revolution in the USA 469

Book Reviews
Diplomatic Relations between Hungary and the Holy See, 1920–2015 (Petra Hamerli) 485
Cultural Diplomacy amid Diplomatic Tensions: France in Central and Eastern Europe, 1936‒1940, 1944‒1951 (Gusztáv D. Kecskés) 490
Studies from the Workshop of Russistics (Mária Bodor) 495