Fvt2016 4ar Away yet Near: The Chances of European Civilization in the Colonial World 499

Tamás Túróczi: The Limits of the Spanish Expansion in Japan, 1543–1640 503
María del Mar Muñoz González: The Role of the Pitahaya, the “Dragon Fruit” at the Time of the Jesuit Missions in Lower California Peninsula, 1697–1768 527
Tibor Monostori: The Ultimate Conquest of the New World: La Araucana in Spain 547
Mónika Edina Bán: Emblems and Other Wittinesses in Mexican Baroque Literature: Interaction between Society and Culture in 16th–17th Century Mexico 571
Gábor Szabó-Zsoldos: Tendencies of Great Britain’s South African Colonial Policy, 1846−1881 585
Viktória Semsey: An Argentine Scholar in Europe and Latin America 611

Magdolna Szilágyi: Travelling in the Name of Saint Martin: Pilgrimage, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Heritage Management 629

Book Reviews
How was Romania „Romanianized”? (Klára Jakó) 641
The Written Sources of a Great Investment (Bence Péterfi ) 652
Colonialization as a Historical Phenomenon (Gábor Gyóni) 655