vt2017 1 borito1Crossroads of Cultures in the Hungarian Middle Ages (Márta Font) 1

Gábor Barabás: Heretics, Pirates and Legates: The Bosnian Heresy, the Hungarian Kingdom and the Popes at the Outset of the 13th Century 5
Márta Font: The Elite Supporting Hungarian Rule in Galicia 33
Attila Zsoldos: A Sienese Goldsmith as Alispán of Szepes: Italians in the Service of the Druget Palatines 53
Norbert C. Tóth: Foreigners in the Hungarian Chapters (1375–1424) 75
Renáta Skorka: The Heir of the „Greedy Wolf”: A Kőszegi in the Service of the Habsburg Dukes 93
Attila Pfeiff er: The Localization Issues of the Banate of Macsó and the Fortress of Macsó in Hungarian and Serbian Historiography 125

Armando Nuzzo: Italo–Hungarian Diplomatic Relations (1301–1550): The Vestigia Project 139

Book Reviews
Money and Finance in Central Europe during the Later Middle Ages (István Kádas) 153
Saint Martin of Tours and Hungary (Dorottya Uhrin) 158
A History of Cumans (Tamás Péderi) 161