vt2017 2 borito1From Assyria to Syria: In Network of Empires 165

Zoltán Pálfi : Northern Syria and the Old Assyrian Trade 169
András Bácskay: Incantations and Amulets against Lamaštu in Ancient Mesopotamia 193
Anna Judit Tóth: Maiuma – a Syriac festival in the Late Antiquity 215
Miklós Sárközy: The Šahrwarāz Dynasty of Syria and Egypt in the Early 7th Century 235
Máté Horváth: Syria between Abbasid and Mamluk Rule 249
Zsuzsanna Zsidai: The Syrian Coastal Region after the Crusades 267
Kinga Dévényi: Jihad in Islam: An Obligation for the Individual or for the Community? 297

Book Reviews
Social and Economic Transformations from the End of the 18th Century to the Mid-20th Century: Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia (Ádám Balogh) 325
The Holy Roman Empire as a Network of Princes (Veronika Rudolf) 330