vt2017 3Confi nes and Points of Adjustment 335

László Pósán: Chivalric Culture in Late Medieval Lithuania 337
Dániel Vincze: The News of the Recapturing Wars against the Turks and New England 347
Endre Sashalmi: Political Theology and the Emergence of Female Personifi cations of Russia in Visual Sources from a European Perspective: The Petrine Period as a Watershed 373
Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio Alvariño: From Conservation to Dismembering: Italian Provinces and Spanish Monarchy, 1665–1713 395
José Emilio Burucúa – Fabián Alejandro Campagne: The Dutch Political Model in the Río de la Plata Revolution 429
Radoslav Raspopović: Dilemmas in Montenegrin Foreign Policy from the Second Half of the 19th Century to the World War I 443
Krisztián Csaplár-Degovics: The Birth of the First Hungarian–Albanian Dictionary 467
László Bernát Veszprémy: Menachem Begin’s Legendary Life: Questions about the Early Career of the First Right-Wing Prime Minister of Israel, 1913–1948 481

István Tringli: Three German Exhibitions on the Reformation: Stralsund ‒ Rostock ‒ Berlin 497