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Levente Nagy: Martyr or Adventurer? Sava Branković and the Romanian Reformation in Transylvania during the Principality of Mihály Apafi I 525
Antal András Kováts: Swiss in the Flow of Hungarian History, 1867–1990 543
Attila Simon: The Three Occupations of Kassa. Parallels and Morals 569
Péter Apor: The Misery of Alternative Democracy. Ideology, Political Language and the Possibilities of Opposition in Hungary, 1968–1973 591

Balázs Sudár: On the Cultural Historical Background of the Hungarian Word Turul 605
Dániel Bácsatyai: King Andrew II’s Envoys in England 621
Péter E. Kovács: Hungarian Banners in Venetian Hands 633
István Kádas: Cum sigillo nostro. Seal Usage in Late Medieval Sáros County 637
Elek Szaszkó: The Registry of the Revenues and Expenses of the Sződi Manor from 1517/1518 (Contributions to the possessions of the Gersei Pető family in the southern region of the Great Hungarian Plain) 655
Barna Ábrahám: „With other nations like Saxons…” Interactions between Orthodoxy and Lutheranism in Transylvania in post-1867 Hungary 683