Vt 2018 1 B1 kicsi1848 – A Turning Point in the New World (Andrea Kökény) 1

István János Molnár: 1848 in Canada: The Establishment of the Responsible Government 5
Andrea Kökény: The 1846–1848 U.S.–Mexican War and Its Interpretations 23
Zoltán Vajda: “Mexico to Us is the Forbidden Fruit”: John C. Calhoun, the Mexican War, and the Nature of the Ideology of Restricted Imperialism 45
Péter Hahner: The Historical Importance of the 1848 California Gold Rush 67
Katalin Jancsó: A Hungarian Soldier in Peru: Charles Kossuth and His Descendants 79

Zsuzsanna Csikós: A Wanderer on Hispanic Paths: An Exhibition Dedicated to the Memory of Ádám Anderle 95

In memoriam Ádám Anderle (1943–2016) (Ágnes Judit Szilágyi) 101

Book Reviews
A Wanderer on Hispanic Paths (Eszter Katona) 105
Revolution in the French Antilles (Lukács Krajcsír) 108
History of Canada (Zsolt Palotás) 112
The Republic of Love (Csaba Lévai) 116
The “War after the War” 1919–1933 (András Bakó) 121

Orsolya Varró: Agreement between William, Duke of Aquitaine,
and Hugh the Chiliarch: A Unique Text from 11-Century France 125
Anna Romsics: Forms of Confl ict Management in Francia
in the Ninth to Eleventh Century 153