vt2020 2 bort

V for Victoria (István Rákóczi) 161

Rui Manuel Loureiro: Magellan in Portugal 167
Juan Gil: Magellan in Spain 183
Luís Filipe Reis Thomaz: The Apple of Paris: The Maluku Islands 203
José Manuel Malhão Pereira: From Magellan’s Voyage to the Establishment of Spain’s Spice Route: Nautical and Meteorological 217
Consuelo Varela: The Spanish Chroniclers of the Magellan–Elcano Voyage 233
István Rákóczi: Maximilianus Transylvanus: The Right and Wrong Side 241

Péter Balázs: Revisiting Revisionism: The Historiography of the Terror since 1989 253

Abdallah Abdel-Ati Al-Naggar: Imre Nagy and János Kádár in Arabic Eyes 283
Zsolt Palotás: Diplomatic Mission of General Otman Hashem on the East Coast of the United States, October–November, 1865 299

Book Reviews
Magellan’s Drama and Circumnavigation (István Rákóczi) 325
The Characteristic of Power Ideology of in Russia (Gyula Szvák) 328
The Six-Day War as Seen in Hungary (Zoltán Prantner) 331