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László Szabolcs Gulyás Lex and Consuetudo: the Rules Regulating the Movement of Peasant Tenants in Medieval Hungary 373

The Revolutions of 1917 and Hungary
Boldizsár Vörös Foreword 397
Ferenc Pollmann There comes the Russian! There goes the Russian? The Impact of the Russian Revolutions on the Warfare of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy on the EasternFront in 1917 399
Vince Paál Information about the Russian Revolutions – through the Hungarian Censorship. Control of the Press in Hungary during World War I 407
Tibor Hajdu The Leaders of the Hungarian Parliamentary Parties about the Russian Revolution of February 1917 417
Tibor Klestenitz The Assessment of the Russian Revolutions in the Public Opinion of the Hungarian Churches 423
Péter Csunderlik “Now Let Us Speak in Russian as Well, Let Us Act in Russian!” The Impact of the 1917 Russian Revolutions on the Galilei Circle 433
Eszter Balázs “An Almost Miraculous Crisis”. The Reception of the February Russian Revolution in Hungary in 1917 443
Barna Ábrahám The Slovaks and the Russian Revolutions 459
Eszter Kaba “The Winter of 1917-1918 in Russia Will Be the Toughest Period for Our Prisoners of War.” Prisoners of War and the Russian Revolution 469
Ágnes Tamás The Russian Events of 1917 in the Mirror of Caricatures 479
Boldizsár Vörös A County Official on the Russian Revolutions of 1917, or Tools for Self-Orientation in World History 499