tsz 2019 04STUDIES
Éva Halász The decima et nona in the era of Anjou and Sigismund 571
Bálint Lakatos The Diplomats of the Hungarian–Bohemian King. Royal Envoys and Missions in the Jagiellonian period, 1490–1526. Part I. Preliminary Research Report 593
Gábor Mikó The Formulary of Miklós Oláh Miklós. Introductory Study to a Critical Edition in Preparation 617
Eszter Márta Baros-Gyimóthy Widowed Women and their New Families in an Eighteenth-Century Market Town in Gömör County 633
Gabriella Erdélyi Miklós Esterházy as Paterfamilias. Succession and Emotions in a Seventeenth-Century Aristocratic Dynasty and Stepfamily 657
Ágnes Deák An Attempt to Regulate Official Language Use in Hungary in 1865 681
Andreas Schmidt-Schweizer In the Buffer Zone of the Cold War and the German Question. Cultural Relations between the Peoples’s Republic of Hungary and the Two German States (1949–1989) 703
Csaba Zahorán ”Peace will Last as Long as the Neighbour Wants It.” Trianon and the Relationship of Hungary to her Neighbours in Our Day 731
Marius Diaconescu ”Complete National Liberty” in the Declaration of Alba Iulia of 1 December 1918 745
Ondrej Ficeri To Take the Responsibility for Trianon 763
Gergely Romsics – Csaba Zahorán Pioneering Historians. Remarks on the Margin of an Unfinished Dispute 777