Iván T. Berend: Zsigmond Pál Pach (1919–2001). An Impressive Scholarly Oeuvre

Lajos Demény: István Báthori and the Formation of the Szekler Darabont Class. Two Unpublished Darabont Charters for Udvarhelyszék, Issued in 1575 and 1576

Magda Jászay: The Papacy and the War of Liberation Against the Turks. The Mission of Cardinal Buonvisi

Béla Tomka: Welfare Regimes in Twentieth-Century Hungary: An International Comparison

Veronika Novák: Authority at the Crossroads: The Crying Out of News in Paris Towards the End of the Medieval Era

Miklós Konrád: Jewish Charity and Assimilation at the turn of the Twentieth Century

Gábor Vermes: The World View of István Tisza

István Janek: A Forgotten War: The History of the Slovak–Hungarian “Little War” in March 1939

Valery Musatov: New Evidence on Mátyás Rákosi

Contents in Hungarian