Márta Font: The Kingdom of Hungary and the Kievan Rus at the First Millennium

Erzsébet Ladányi: Self-Government by the King’s Command in Thirteenth-Century Hungary

Gabriella Erdélyi: Tamás Bakócz and the Religious Orders. A Case Study

Ágnes Pogány: The History of Hungarian Public Loans from World War I until the Financial Stabilization

Gusztáv Kecskés: French Diplomacy and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

István György Tóth: A Document from Sarajevo on the Bosnian Franciscans in Pest (1664)

Gábor Schweitzer: Rabbi at the Teacher’s Desk: Sándor Büchler and His Qualification as a Lecturer in 1914

Paul Gradwohl: French Military Policy and Hungary in the Early 1920s: The Illustration of an Illusion

Miklós Szalai: Political Diary of Count Gyula Andrássy Jr. (Details, 1907–1913)