TSz 2020 01 B1 kicsi

István Tringli: Hungarian Customary Law and Protestant Natural Law in Hungarian 173
Zsófia Kádár: Churchmen on the Lower Table of the Hungarian Diet, 1608–1688 203

Gergely Krisztián Horváth: The Execution of the Hungarian Abolition of Peasant Serfdom and its Historiographical Perceptions 251
László Tompa: From Smallholders to Giant Estates. Contract Tenant Peasantry in the Counties of Veszprém, Sopron, Borsod and Bihar 269
Gábor Csikós: ”… more fools have to be produced for the state”. The Physiological Limits of Stalinist Social Engineering, 1952 295
Éva Petrás: The Social Question in Changing Perspectives. The Agrarian Social Political Concept of Jenő Czettler 315
Máté Gárdonyi: ”The Countryside is our Playground”. Ecclesiastico-political Struggles, Catholic Social Organisation and the Problems of Provincial Hungary in the late Nineteenth Century 327