TSz 2020 01 B1 kicsi

Walter Pohl – Johannes Krause – Tivadar Vida – Patrick J. Geary: The Integrative Archaeogenetical, Archaeological and Historical Examination of East-Central Europe, AD 400–900 341
Ráhel Gloviczki: The Medieval Hungarian Royal Coronation in European Context 355
István Kádas: When the Tax is a Redemption. Redemption of Military Service and Extraordinary Taxation in the Early Years of King Matthias’s Reign (1458–1464) 383
Miklós Fóti: An Unusual Demographic Phenomenon and its Background in the Territory of Sancak of Szeged. The Sudden Transformation of Mikla into a Town in 1578 403
Gergely Tóth: Typical and Idiosyncratic Features in the Career of a “Hungarus” Intellectual. The Forgotten (Auto)biography of Matthias Bel 417
Márta Hantos-Varga: Between “Obsolete” Anti-Judaism and Modern Racism. The Grey Zone of Anti-Jewish Argumentation of Catholic Authors 447
Tamás Csapody: History of the Chervenka Exhumations 481
Rita Kiss: The Integration of 1956 Hungarian Refugees in Bavaria 513

Zsófia Kádár – Dorottya Piroska B. Székely: Database of Churchmen Attending Seventeenth-century Hungarian Diets 533

Balázs Varga: The History of Győr’s Monography from the Era of Dualism until Today 627