TSz 2020 01 B1 kicsi

Judit Klement – Orsolya Manhercz In Honour of Éva Somogyi 5
Ágnes Deák The Wise but Timid Fabius Cunctator: Count Móric Esterházy 7
Imre Ress The Legend of the Royal Sanction for Act LXII of the Croatian Law of 1861, and its Legitimization Function 29
Virág Vér Eszter Empress Elizabeth in Hungary in the Summer of 1866: Reception, Memory, Myth 43
Orsolya Manhercz “My God, My God, Henceforth Buda Will Be the Imperial Seat”. Court Life at Pest-Buda in the 19th Century 65
András Cieger – Réka Matolcsi Fidelity to the King, Citizen Loyalty and National Identity. Multiple Loyalties in Hungary of Austro–Hungarian Monarchy 87
Iván Ifj. Bertényi The Social Background of the Delegation Members elected by the Upper Chamber 99
Gábor Gyáni Socialization in the Aristocratic Families 123
Miklós Konrád Sporting Life, Modernisation, and Antisemitism in Hungary, 1867–1914 139
Judit Klement Budapest and the Mills, 1841–2008 155