tsz 2012-2STUDIES
István Tringli: The Ship of Fools. Cultural Criticism at the End of the Middle Ages 175
Klára Hegyi: Reflections of the Efforts at Consolidation by Pashas Sokollu Mustafa and Kara Üveys of Buda 187
Gergely Tóth: “Civilised” Prehistory. Research of the Origins of the Hungarian Language and Nation in the Oeuvre of Mátyás Bél 219
Ferenc Glatz: The History of the Három nemzedék from the Perspective of the Seventh Generation 247
Tamás Stark: The Victims of Russian Forced Labour (“malenkij robot”) from Budapest 1944–1945. The Lessons of the Analysis of a Group of Sources 279
Lajos Gecsényi: Fiasco at Vienna. Diplomacy in the Shadow of State Security: the “Teleki–Kertész Affair” – 1958 315

Tibor Neumann: “One-plot Nobleman”. On the Interpretation of a Medieval Concept 337

Antal Molnár: The History of Croatia through Hungarian Eyes. Thoughts on the New Book of Dénes Sokcsevits 347