Vt2013 2-3

The Asian Century? Modernisation and Contradictions of an Emerging Area. Introductory Thoughts to a Special Issue (Ildikó Farkas) 161


Ildikó Farkas: The Antecedents of Japanese Modernization 165
Attila Vargha: Japanese Americans – A Historical Overview. From the Second Half of the 19th Century to 1945 195
Péter Vámos: “We Are Waging a Consistent, Uncompromising Struggle Against Maoism.” Coordinated Research on Modern China and Hungarian Sinology 227
Gergely Salát: “Practice” vs. “Two Whatevers”. The Political Context of Chinese Reforms 259
Mózes Csoma: The Issue of Modernity on the Korean Peninsula 279
Attila Gergely: Identities and Interstate Relations in East Asia – The China-Japan-Korea Complex 289
Zsolt Szilágyi: The Beginnings of the Modern Mongolian State: The Quest for Independence in the Early 20th Century 333
Róbert Balogh: Landscape of War. Rationing and Effi ciency: The World War II in an Indian Industrial Town 365


Labour Force Market, Big Company and Kitty Canton in the British Empire (Róbert Balogh) 381
Vietnam at War (Ferenc Dávid) 384