vilagtort 2013 1 boritoStudies
Zsolt Palotás: Christian Slaves in Barbaricum. Sources on the History of the Muslim Piracy in the 16th–18th Centuries 1
László J. Nagy: Tunisia in the 1920s. The Birth of the National Movement 19
Péter Ákos Ferwagner: Jacques Chevallier and the Algerians Muslims 39
Gyula Gazdik: Nasser’s Choices in Foreign Policy and the Suez Crisis 53
Zoltán Prantner: The Yemeni Mission of the Socialist Countries and the United Arab Republic, 1962–1967 73
Anikó Farkas: Anwar Sadat’s Visit to Jerusalem 97
Gábor Fodor: The Russian Role in the Armenian National Awakening, 1878–1914 113
Zoltán Egeresi: Turkish Nation Building during the Atatürk Era 125

Subjective Memoirs of the Arab History (László J. Nagy) 145
Jacques Chevalier, the Man Who Tried to Avoid the Algerian War (Péter Ákos Ferwagner) 152