Vt 2018 2 B1 kicsi


Marianne Sághy – Izsák Baán OSB: From Thebes to the Bakony: The Cult of Saint Maurice and his Companions in Europe (4th–21th Century) 175
Jean-Michel Carrié: Thebans in the West? Military History and Hagiography 197
David Woods: The Origin of the Legend of Maurice and the Theban Legion 229
Karla Pollmann: Poetry and Suffering: Metrical Paraphrases of Eucherius of Lyons’ Passio Acaunensium Martyrum 241
Frederick S. Paxton: Liturgy and Healing in an Early Mediveal Saint’s Cult: The Mass in Honore Sancti Sigismundi for the Cure of Fevers 263
Karen Blough: The Lance of Saint Maurice as a Component of the Early Ottonian Campaign against Paganism 287
Edina Bozóky: The Legend of Saint Maurice’ Lance according to Gottfried of Viterbo 311
Beat Näf: How Did Saint Maurice Become the Patron Saint of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation? 329
Gude Suckale-Redlefsen: The Cult of Saint Maurice, the Black Soldier in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation 339

Eucherius of Lyon: Passio Acaunensium Martyrum 353

Book Reviews
Education and Culture in the Barbarian West: From the Sixth through the Eighth Century (Veronika Novák) 359
Muslim Expansion and Byzantine Collapse in North Africa (Márton Tősér) 362
The Ideal Ruler in Medieval Bohemia (Laura Fábián) 367