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1968 as History: On the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of the Prague Spring (Miklós Mitrovits) 371

Péter Bencsik: The Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior in 1968: The Reforms of Josef Pavel 375
Zsolt Horbulák: Economic Reform Attempts in Socialist Czechoslovakia 399
Miklós Mitrovits: Heading towards the Military Intervention: The Prague Spring and the Hungarian Party Leadership 415
Stanislav Sikora: Slovakia after the Prague Spring: The Changes in the Communist Party of Slovakia and the Slovak Society (August 1968 – April 1969) 445
Veronika Gaál: Dispute over the Minority Rights in the Shadow of the Federal Transformation of 1968: Sources on the History of the Czechoslovak Nationality Law 471
György Lukács B.: The Croatian Spring 1966–1971 501

Book Reviews
Gustáv Husák: A Realistic Careerist? (Miklós Mitrovits) 523
Vasil Biľak: Traitor or Collaborator? (Attila Baki) 530