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Between Two Superpowers: Attempts to Expand Room for Manoeuvre during the Cold War (László Bíró) 327

Tamás Péter Baranyi: Détente in the Historiography of the Cold War 331
Béla Háda: From Balancing to Pro-Soviet Orientation: The Evolution of India’s Policy towards the Superpowers, 1947–1971 357
Iván Miklós Szegő: Five Challenges of Finnish History and Five Responses of the Finnish Elite, 1945–1990 389
Kinga Dévényi: Coups d’État and Revolutions in the Arab World in the Second Half of the 20th Century: A Paradigmatic Analysis 423

Tamás Dudlák: The Historical Role of the Assassination at Sarajevo: A Counterfactual Analysis of the Causes of World War I 467

Book Reviews
Stepfamilies in Europe, 1400–1800 (Dalma Bódai) 485
A History of Japanese–Hungarian Relations, 1869–1913 (István Koósz) 488
Hungary and the Arab World, 1947–1989 (Ágnes Kaczúr) 491
Hungarians in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1918–1941: Articles, Accounts, Situation Reports on the Life of the Hungarian Minority (László Bíró) 493