Borito vt2019 2

Against the Normans and the Ottomans: The Possibilities of Cooperation and Defence (Tibor Martí) 153

László Gálffy: A River Lined Expansion: Scandinavians on the Loire from the 840’s to the Beginning of the 10th Century 157
Miguel Fernando Gómez Vozmediano: The Wars in Hungary and the Career of a Spanish Noble of Extremadura: Pedro Barrantes Maldonado, Soldier and Chronicler (1510–1578) 191
István Szászdi: Castilian Support in the Fight against the Turks: Contributions to the History of the Military Relations between Spain and Hungary in the 16th Century 219
Ildikó Gausz: Mosaics to the Image of Duke of Mercoeur: The Political Career of Philippe-Emmanuel de Lorraine, 1582–1598 235
Barnabás Guitman – Zoltán Korpás – Ferenc Tóth – János B. Szabó: The International Background of the Ottoman War in Hungary, 1547–1556 253

Brigitta Szanka: From Calais to Konstanz: Communication Network of King Sigismund’s Travel in 1416–1417 295

Book Reviews
From Exoticism to Modernity: A Century of French Voyage in Hungary, 1818–1910 (Ferenc Tóth) 317
Another Italy: Fiume, 1724–1924 (Ágnes Ordasi) 320