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On the Centenary of Fascism (Gábor Andreides – Balázs Juhász) 497

Gábor Andreides: Mussolini and the Fascist Leaders 499
Pasquale Fornaro: A “Periphery” of the Regime: The National Fascist Party in Sicily 513
Raoul Pupo: On the Borders of Italy: The “Frontier Fascism” 529
Alessandro Mazzetti: The Italian Navy and Fascist Geopolitics in the Mediterranean 543
Alessandro Vagnini: Italian Foreign Policy and Hungary during the Transition from a Liberal System to Fascism 557
Balázs Juhász: The Military Policy of Fascism and the Military Loans to Hungary 571
András Lénárt T.: Spanish Versions of Fascism 585
Ibolya Murber: Beginning of the Export of Fascism to Austria: Network of Bethlen and the Heimwehr Movement, 1927–1929 599
András Fejérdy: Mátyás Rákosi, the Italian Left and the Fascist Takeover 615
Gábor Egry: Converging New Nationalisms? On Hungarian and Italian Nationalism 627
Pál Pritz: Personality and History: On the Example of Some Career Turns of Benito Mussolini and Gyula Gömbös 639

Book Reviews
Two Political Biographies: Marcello Caetano, Plínio Salgado in the Light of Their Relationship to Fascism (Ágnes Judit Szilágyi) 647
National Identity and Modernity 1870–1945: Latin America, Southern Europe, East Central Europe (Maximiliano Gabriel Gregorio Cernadas – Mirjana Polić Bobić – Miklós Zeidler) 652

In memoriam István Simon (1960–2019) (Gábor Andreides – Balázs Juhász) 667