Narratives of Transition: 1989 – The Year of Political Breakthrough (Miklós Mitrovits) 1

Miklós Mitrovits: Opportunities for Political, Cultural and Social Resistance: The Polish and Hungarian Examples 5
István Miklós Balázs: The First Orphans of the Polish Transition: The Congress of the Anti-system Opposition 25
Peter Jašek: The Velvet Revolution in Slovakia 39
István Kollai: Divergence in History: The Different Impact of Contemporary Events on Slovakian and Hungarian Political Thinking 61
Gusztáv D. Kecskés: NATO and Eastern Europe, 1988–1992: Situation and Activities of NATO: Transformation and Continuity 79
Péter Vámos: “This is a Favourable Moment for Us to Move Forward with Hungarian–Taiwanese Relations”: The Opening of the Taipei Trade Office in Budapest 99
György Lukács B.: Tito’s Yugoslavia in Croatian and Slovenian Public Thinking after 1989 119

Book Reviews
Yugoslavia from a Historical Perspective (László Bíró) 129
Alija Izetbegović: The Horseman of the Apocalypse or a Peace Angel (László Márkusz) 139
Historiography and Autocracy: Czars, Contemporaries, Lessons (Eszter Bartha) 143
Mendicant Friars, Farming Monks (Máté Urbán) 146