vt2020 2 bortOn the Borderland of the Ottoman Empire: National Sentiment and Foreign Policy (László Bíró) 153

Antal Molnár: The Catholic Missions and the Origins of Albanian Nation-Building at the Beginning of the 17th Century 157
Eleonóra Géra: The Secret Life of Don Thomaso Raspassani, an Albanian Freedom Fighter 187
Krisztián Csaplár-Degovics: Dalmatian Borgo Erizzo and the Albanian Nation-Building: The New Albanian-Policy of Austria–Hungary, 1896 205
Tamás Dudlák: Turkish Foreign Policy on New Foundations: The Emergence of the Syrian Conflict and the Paradigm Shift in Turkish Foreign Policy, 2011–2012 223
Tamás Szabó: Hopes and Unfulfilled Promises: Hungarian–Romanian Relations and the Hungarians in Romania before and after the Transition 247

Gábor Gyóni: 1941 in Russian Historiography: Interpretations, Contradictions, Politics 271

Book Reviews
The Calvary and Survival Strategies of the Ottoman Armenians (Éva Blénesi) 297
Studies from the Garden of Pleasure – The Romance of the Rose (Laura Fábián) 302