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After a Year of Remembrance: Results of Recent Researches on the Rákóczi Era at Home and Abroad (Ferenc Tóth) 305

Géraud Poumarède: French Diplomacy at the Porte and the Hungarian Question during the War of Independence of Francis II Rákóczi 311
Núria Sallés Vilaseca: “I Was only Sent to the Prince of Transylvania”: Mission of Jacques de Boissimène to the Court of Sultan Ahmed III (1717–1718) 325
Enikő Balázs-Szabelski – Adam Szabelski: Francis II Rákóczi in Poland 335
Elisabeth Saïh – Ferenc Tóth: From Rodosto to Paris: The Vicissitudes of a Family of Hungarian Origins 345
Gábor Tüskés: To the Historical Construction of National Identity: The Image of Hungary in the Autobiographical Writings of Francis II Rákóczi 371
László Takács: Terminology of Military Ranks in Confessio Peccatoris, the Work of Francis II Rákóczi 393
Emese Egyed: A Dream on Stage about Exile: Sándor K. Boér: Bonnévál or the Strangers in Constantinople 409
Katalin Mária Kincses: Rákóczi Statues Abroad 431

Zoltán Korpás: Mexican Gold Pesos against the Ottoman Expansion in Hungary? 467

Book Reviews
A European Cultural History of the Representations of the Prophet (Ferenc Tóth) 481
The Relations of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth with Safavid Iran and the Catholicosate of Etchmiadzin (Kornél Nagy) 486
The Armenian Genocide as Seen by Posterity: Reflections on the Margins of the Book Entitled A Hundred Years of Memory (Éva Blénesi) 490
The Free French Forces in World War II: Organizing Resistance Movement and International Cooperation (Márton Kiss) 496