vt2020 2 bort

Nation-Building and National Identity, Memory Politics and Historical Memory in East and Southeast Asia (Péter Vámos) 501

Gyula Krajczár: The Territorial Self-Image of the People’s Republic of China 507
Ildikó Gyöngyvér Sárközi: The Story Continues: Nation-Building, History-Writing and Heritagization in China 533
Ildikó Bellér-Hann: Uyhgur Identity Narratives in China in the Reform Period 559
Ágota Révész: Beijing Opera and Nation-Building in China 581
Péter Trebitsch – Lijuan Feng: The Memory of the War of Resistance against Japan as a Source of Power Legitimation in the People’s Republic of China 605
Borbála Száva: The Memory of the Angkorian Empire and the Creation of Khmer National Identity 635

Book Reviews
Jewish Refugees in Shanghai 1933–1947 (Mátyás Mervay) 659
Dictators and Dictatorships in the Caribbean (Eszter Katona) 663