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The Figure of Mahatma Gandhi in the History and the Cultural Memory (Máté Ittzés) 1

Anna Aklan: “Truth and Non-violence Are as Old as the Hills”: Gandhi’s Significance 5
Dezső Szenkovics: Gandhi Reception in the Hungarian-speaking Areas 21
Péter Sági: The Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi in Today’s India 43
Dóra Günsberger: Portraying Gandhi in Pakistan: ’Official’ History-writing and Perceptions 53
Zsuzsanna Renner: Bapuji’s Immortal History: Layers of Gandhi Iconography 77
Júlia Szivák: Mahatma Gandhi on the Film Screen 97

András Fejérdy: “The European Agency of American Interests”?: Historiographical Status Quo of Pius XII’s Eastern Policy 111

Book Reviews
The Relationship of Charles I of Hungary with the Holy See, 1301–1342 (Gábor Barabás) 145
The Reign of Louis I (the Great) and Mary, 1342–1395 (Máté Urbán) 148
Czechoslovak Documents of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (István Janek) 154