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Diplomatic Missions and Alliances: The Kingdom of Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire in the First Half of the Sixteenth Century (Bence Péterfi) 511

Attila Györkös: French–Hungarian Diplomatic Relations (1499–1529) 517
Attila Bárány: Sir Robert Wingfield, Resident Ambassador of Tudor England, the Holy Roman Empire and Hungary (1514–1515) 531
Bálint Lakatos: The Hungarian–Bohemian Mission of an Imperial Ambassador, Andrea dal Burgo (1521–1523) 581
Tibor Monostori: From the Castle of Eger to the Kingdom of Naples: The Release and Services of a Hungarian Galley Slave and His Petition to the Emperor Ferdinand III 629

Book Reviews
Venice on Stormy Waters (1499–1517) (Tamás Kruppa) 639
Armenian Religious Identity and the Churches of Constantinople and Rome (Kornél Nagy) 647
Historiography on the Rus of Kiev and Vadimir–Suzdal (Patrik Dinnyés) 650
Topographies of Tolerance and Intolerance (Péter Balázs) 652
Between Hopes and Dangers (Éva Blénesi) 657