vt2020 2 bort

Fateful Events and Shifts of Conception (László Bíró) 1

Imre Tarafás: “I Was Born a German, but Am I One Still?” Discourses of Identity Crisis in “German Austria”, 1866–1914 5
Esztella Varga: A Historical Review of US Foreign Policy 35
Gábor Csizmazia: The United States and East-Central Europe: Geopolitical Concepts and Historical Realities 53
Pál Gyúrósi: Trade Negotiations between Hungary and Czechoslovakia in the Autumn of 1922 73
Dániel Miklós: The Second Prime Ministry of Pál Teleki and the Czechoslovak Affair 95
Balázs Réti: The Greco–Italian War, 1940–1941 113

Ádám Majorosi: The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains: Attila the Hun and the Fall of the Western Roman Empire 137

Book Reviews
A Slave between Empires: A Transimperial History of North Africa (Zsolt Palotás) 161
Italy in World War I (Balázs Juhász) 165
(Without) Lessons (Eszter Bartha) 170