vt2020 2 bort

The Dimensions of a Change of Border: The Austro–Hungarian Border Region a Hundred Years Ago (Ibolya Murber) 175

Tamás Székely: The Calm before the Storm? Western Hungary in the Era of Dualism 185
Ibolya Murber: Economic Aspects of the Austro–Hungarian Border Dispute after the World War I 207
Adrienn Nagy: Black Marketers in the Black Night: Everyday Life of Smugglers in the Western Border Region, 1918–1922 225
Péter Kalocsai: Changes of the Transport Network in West Hungary Caused by the Treaty of Trianon 241
Balázs Bakó: The Impact of the Peace of Trianon on Catholic Church Government in Western Transdanubia 269
Richárd Agg: Arguments from the Contemporary Hungarian Press Regarding Keeping West Hungary 285
Ferenc Jankó: Seahorse and Wasp-Waist: Mapped Geography of Burgenland 301
László Dávid Törő: Border City in a Contested Territory: Historical Controversies about Sopron (Ödenburg) between the Two World Wars 325
Imre Tóth: Myth and Reality: Sopron’s Loyalty in the 20th Century Memory of Politics 345

Book Reviews
Everyday Life in the Shadow of Border Disputes (Zsolt Horváth N.) 361
A New Border at the Feet of the Central Eastern Alps (Tamás Révész) 364
To Create and to Learn: The Beginnings of the Geography of Burgenland (Bálint Szabó) 367