vt2020 2 bort

Wars, Battles and Chronicles: Sources of Historical Memory (Tibor Martí) 371

Máté Molnár: The Battle of Campaldino 375
Zoltán Korpás: History is Written by Victorious Battles: Glorious Lepanto and Forgotten Preveza 401
Barnabás Guitman: A Witness to the Emperor’s Thoughts: History Writing in the Service of the Ideology of Universal Monarchy 437
Tibor Martí – Géza Pálffy: From Common Court Service to Armed Conflict: The Encounters of a Spanish and a Hungarian Nobleman (Melchor de Robles and János Pethő) in 16th Century Central Europe 455
Éva Ring: The Kidnapping of King Stanislaus II Augustus of Poland: The Problem of the Ruler’s Legitimacy in Late-Eighteenth-Century Polish Politics 485

Tibor Monostori – Bernadett Smid: Hungarians before the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th–18th Centuries: First Steps of a Research Project and Database Construction 501

Book Review
“The Most Memorable and Lofty Occasion that Past Centuries Have Beheld” (Zoltán Korpás) 517
Lepanto and Beyond: Images of Religious Alterity from Genoa and the Christian Mediterranean (Kristóf Szuromi) 521
War and Militaries in Eastern Europe, 1450–1500 (László Szokola) 526
Relations between the House of Austria and the Polish Line of the Vasa Dynasty, 1635–1668 (Tibor Martí) 530