vt2020 2 bort

Popular Representation and Representation of the Popular Will (László Bíró) 535

Gábor Balázs: “The People are Good, Their Representatives are Corruptible”: On the French Constitution of 1793 539
Ádám Lajkó: The Interpretations of Interwar Fascism in Western Historiography 585
Barnabás Juhász: Where Should the German–Polish Border Be Drawn? National Self-Determination, Territorial Claims and the Struggle for the Coalfields in Upper Silesia after the Great War 635

Abdallah Abdel-Ati Al-Naggar – Zoltán Prantner: Disputed Points in the Life of the Hungarian Spouse of the Last Egyptian Khedive 659

Book Reviews
The British Lion, the Russian Eagle and the Eastern Question (Csaba Lévai) 671
The Birth of the Modern Middle East, 1914–1924 (Abdallah Abdel-Ati Al-Naggar – Zoltán Prantner) 675
The Treaty of Trianon and Japan (Ildikó Farkas) 679
Memory Politics and Populism in Southeastern Europe (Attila Pók) 685