tsz2009 1k

Géza Pálffy: A Special Way into the Aristocracy of the Kingdom of Hungary: The Révay Family in the 16th Century

Teréz Oborni: Queen Isabella and the Beginnings of the Creation of her Court in Transylvania (1541–1551)

Ildikó Horn: Language Learning – Knowledge of Languages in the Principality of Transylvania

András Fejérdy: “Stateless People”. The Hungarian Clerical Emigration in Rome, the Hungarian Government and the Beginnings of the Vatican’s New “Ostpolitik”

Valery Musatov: The Metamorphosis of Gorbachev’s Politics and the Socialist Countries

Andreas Schmidt-Schweizer: “Although the Multi-Party Political System is Obviously Connected with a Number of Disadvantages […]” The First “Script” of Political Transformation


Contents in Hungarian