Gyula Kristó: Hungarian-Polish Relations between the Tenth and Twelfth Centuries

István György Tóth: Hungary and the Foundation of the Holy Congregation for the Propagation of Faith (1622)

György Gyarmati: The Failure of the ’Diplomatic’ Settlement of the Mindszenty Affair

József Hudi: Middle-Class Book Culture in Veszprém in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Ágnes Pogány: Household Incomes in Hungary between the two World Wars

Irén Simándi: The Hungarian Economy in Radio Free Europe’s Reflektor [Reflector] (1951–1956)

Path-Finders of the Spirit - Emma Ritoók and Letters from György Lukács, Thomas Mann, Ervin Szabó, and Béla Balázs. (Published by Boldizsár Vörös)

Contents in Hungarian