tsz2003-1-2Gábor Ágoston: Ideology, Propaganda, and Political Pragmatism: Habsburg–Ottoman Rivalry and Confrontation in Central Europe

Péter E. Kovács: Archduke Ferdinand and Hungary (1521–1526)

Géza Pálffy: The Hungarian Nobility at the Viennese Court of Ferdinand I

István Kenyeres: The Financial Administrative Reforms and Revenues of Ferdinand I in Hungary

József Bessenyei: King Ferdinand and the Hungarian Aristocracy 1526–1540

Teréz Oborni: Plans of the Viennese Court to Retake Possession of Transylvania, 1557–1563

István György Tóth: The Contradictions of Catholic Renewal Under Ferdinand I

István Fazekas: Miklós Oláh’s Attempts at Reform in the Esztergom Diocese Between 1553 and 1568

Szabolcs Varga: Changes in the Military Jurisdiction af the Governor (Ban) of Croatia in the First Half of the Sixteenth Century

Zsuzsa Barbarics: The Importance of Handwritten Newsletters in the Age of Ferdinand I as Reflected in the “Nádasdy-Zeitungen”


Contents in Hungarian