tsz2007 3k

Péter E. Kovács: The Victory of Nándorfehérvár and Italy

Géza Pálffy: An ‘Old Empire’ on the Periphery of the ‘Old Empire’: The Kingdom of Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Ágnes Deák: An Old Case of Political Transformation and State Police – 1867

Miklós Konrád: Jews and Converted Jews in Hungary in the Dualist Era - Why Did Jews Convert?

Attila Seres: Hungarian–Soviet Trade Relations Between 1939 and 1941. Additional Material to the Analysis of Hungarian Foreign Trade Before Entering into War. (Part I)

Péter Sipos: The Problems of a Horthy-Biography

Renáta Skorka: The Chronicler and Forty Thousand Gold Coins with Lilies


Contents in Hungarian