tsz2007 2kGabriella Erdélyi: “Once I Loved a Woman”: Marriage and Adultery in Hungary at around 1500

Balázs Sudár: A Turkish Poetess Among Men: Mihri Hatun

Klára Hegyi: Families of Turkish Castle Soldiers in the Middle of the 16th Century

Pál Fodor: Fur of Lynx and Arable Land - The Wealth of an Ottoman Tax Farmer in the Early Seventeenth Century

Antal Molnár: La Schiavona: The Vicissitudes of a Bosnian Girl in the 17th Century

Teréz Oborni: The Instruction of Gábor Bethlen to his Vice-Regent István Bethlen (1620)

Géza Pálffy: An Unsettled Problem of Zrínyi-Research: Miklós Zrínyi’s Inspection of Arms at Vat, Vas County, 17 September 1663

János Varga J.: Variants of Turkish Orientation in Hungary: Wesselényi–Apafi–Thököly, 1663–1683


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